Ancient Jewish Pilgrims and Sacrificial BBQ (Jeffrey Garcia)

When you hear the word "pilgrim," your first thought might be of the pilgrims who arrived in Plymouth Harbor in 1620, or of English medieval pilgrims. You might be less familiar with the ancient Jewish pilgrims who journeyed to the temple in Jerusalem. CHT fellow Dr. Jeffrey P. Garcia joins Dr. Dru Johnson to discuss this overlooked practice that fills in some historical context of the first-century biblical world.

Show notes:

  • 0:00 Overlooked Jewish pilgrimage, and sacrificial barbeque?
  • 8:05 The historical practice and purpose of Jewish pilgrimage in the first century
  • 14:07 The dangers of the pilgrimages
  • 16:40 Galilean and Judean pilgrimage to the temple in Jerusalem
  • 19:39 The friends who pilgrims made along the way
  • 21:50 The Essenes' disagreements related to pilgrimage
  • 27:43 Test case: Does John the Baptist create a pilgrimage?

Show notes by Celina Durgin.

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